Suzuki Bike Price in Bangladesh (2022)

Do you want to know Suzuki Bike prices in Bangladesh? Then you’re in the right place if that’s the case. In this specific article, I’m going to generally share my truthful opinion concerning this brand of bike additionally the latest cost.

Read about the essential bike that is well-known in Bangladesh through this site. Here you will find the current costs of these brand motorbikes available in Bangladesh with this page, additionally here you will find the newest pictures and fast requirements of brand bikes or motorbikes.

Last Price Update: August 20, 2022

Model NameABS Price/Matt PlusDual Disc PriceSingle Disc Price
Suzuki GSX R1504,14,950395,000
Suzuki GSX S150350,000
Suzuki Bandit 150319,950
Suzuki Gixxer 155254,950230,950
Suzuki Gixxer Monotone183,950
Suzuki Intruder ABS319,950
Suzuki Samurai 150149,950
Suzuki GSX 125141,950
Suzuki Hayate Special105,950

Suzuki Sport And Naked Model Bike Overview

Suzuki GSX R150cc

suzuki GSX R150cc

Latest Price : 4,14,950 Taka

Suzuki is one of several two most useful producers that is Japanese two-wheeler well as one of the top-rated on earth also. Their products or services can be found in many nations nowadays including Bangladesh. They are accustomed result in the engine aided by the technology this is certainly the latest. Nevertheless, recently they usually have established one of many top services to the section this is certainly Bangladesh that is 150cc which known as GSX – R150 just a few months ago. The bike is perfect for recreations particularly.
This might be furthermore one of the more efficient bikes which may be Bangladesh this is certainly 150cc whereas to federal government restrictions, significantly more than 155 cc bikes are not permitted on your way for the nation. And there are lots this is certainly real 150cc recreations bikes currently for sale in Bangladesh. Consequently, it turned out difficult to produce competition using them where Yamaha and Honda are dominating the industry. But, GSX – R150 is more diverse than provided recreations bikes in the united kingdom.
The bikes of Suzuki are relatively smaller than those offered in sports patterns but it is body shape and design that is uniquely attracted customers though it’s yet obese and popular among the generation that is currently youthful the nation has begun to alter their cycling topic to GSX – R150. Ideally, inside a truly period this is certainly fast it could come to be popular in Bangladesh. But, an entire large amount of individuals, however, understand the configuration this is certainly high in rushing creatures. Right here the requirements are presented by us this is the entire bike below.

Suzuki GSX S150

suzuki GSX naked S150

Latest Price: 350,000 Taka

Suzuki GSX-S150 may be the inclusion that is newest of Suzuki relatives in Bangladesh that is a version this is certainly nude bike but possesses an equivalent powered engine once the faired sibling GSX-R150. The edition this is certainly naked bike can cause 18.90 Bhp maximum energy which may make the better rate that is top. It is analyzed given that opponents of Yamaha Vision and Honda CB150R Street fire in Bangladesh.

Suzuki could be the brand this is certainly top this is certainly Japanese manufacturing business which appliances used to dominate the Bangladeshi market for very long. The people of Bangladesh tend to be keen on Japanese products as being a total result of the lasting, honest, and cost this is certainly reasonable.

Suzuki is carrying out its company in Bangladesh through the vendors in addition they used to move Suzuki products. Almost about a decade ago, Suzuki dominated the marketplace with 100 cc things in Bangladesh the good news is the full time has changed in addition to the generation this is certainly younger the country is becoming limited towards the fashionable sporty bikes that are looking.

You will discover just a few editions that are nude bikes located in Bangladesh where all of them being Yamaha Vixion and Honda CB150R Street fire. If we go through the branded bikes which might be compared to GSX S150, you will find merely two of them. Both bikes are stylish this is certainly heavy GSX – S150 is comparatively stronger than those bikes’ energy that is contemplating torque. Besides, the complete newest technologies are used for the bike. Therefore, here we provide the requirements information for Suzuki GSX – S150 below.

Suzuki Bandit 150cc

Suzuki Bandit 150cc

Latest Price: 319,950 Taka

Suzuki Bandit will be the road this is really nude from Suzuki. Although the motor is got by these bikes that are the same GSX-S150 that one is more comfortable. This pattern can create 19 bhp maximum power at 10,500 rpm and 14 torque this is certainly nm 9000 rpm. This bike can provide 40+ mileage that is km/l on the highway and will attain 145 km/h top speed for the gasoline shot system.

This model is regarded as among the two bikes this is really leading in Japan as well as among the much better manufacturers in the world. Their products or services or services can be purchased in most countries and generally are well-known everywhere without a doubt. More reason why is vital their huge charm will be the cost this is actually reasonable. Even though the organization is continuous the source of Japan however they’ve held their price lower. In Bangladesh, the social men and women stills respect Suzuki given that brand that is top they might love to purchase their products or services or services.

Gixxer New Model 2022 155cc Overview

Gixxer New Mode 155cc

Latest Price: 254,950 Taka

This model is considered one of many top three motorcycle brand names in the field. Not just in the recreations part, however, they are additionally preferred for his or her commuter component. Their Gixxer bike tv show is regarded as preferred in Sub-continent nations. Suzuki Gixxer and Gixxer SF are two bikes that are preferred by this bike show.

After waiting that is long ultimately, Suzuki established the version that is the latest model in the marketplace. This version is certainly new more gorgeous and appealing compared to the previous version. Gixxer 155 could be the adversary that is toughest in the pub that is nude of Bangladesh. It offers affordability through its effective engine, high-reliability factor, and economic climate which is significantly great. It weighs in at only 140 kg and sprints more speedily compared to the competitor this is nearest, Yamaha FZS V3. This brand recently updated the Gixxer 155 which means the bikes are laden with brand new tones, a headlight this is certainly all-LED a fresh fuel container, as well as a brand-new instrument system that is all-digital.

Gixxer Monotone 155cc Feature Review

Gixxer Monotone 155cc

Latest Price: 183,950 Taka

This model is known as one of the two bikes this is certainly leading in Japan as well as one of many producers this is the finest in the world. Their products or services are easily obtainable in all the nations that are nationwide and are popular everywhere without a doubt. The most reason that is very important their huge appeal could be the cost which is reasonable. Though, the company is certainly a continuous origin from Japan nonetheless they have held their price lower. In Bangladesh, individuals stills regard Suzuki while the brand is certainly top they’d want to get their products.

Yamaha FZs and Suzuki Gixxer will also be grouped this is certainly the very same but considering the advanced technology, Suzuki continues to ahead be described as an action. But, instead of Yamaha, Gixxer would fit the generation this is certainly youthful plus its acceleration is also much better. The requirement of youthful years, Suzuki revealed the creature not to mention they succeeded by taking into account. Here we provide beneath the configuration this is packed with this bike.

Intruder Suzuki ABS

Intruder ABS

Latest Price: 319,950

By the inspiration of the Japanese famous Kawasaki Eliminator, Bajaj may be the company that very first introduced the Cruiser of the “Avenger” series in the time of 2005. the characteristic of the Avenger series is, that it almost looks the same. “Bajaj Avenger 150cc” is their entry-level cruiser which is cheap in expense. At the time that is same, it is prosperous to attract young customers as its target had been the exact same category of customers.

“Suzuki Gixxer” Series is really manufactured in the form of “Suzuki GXR 1000” with an engine of 150cc. This series gained popularity that is very good the young people. Heavy popularity and somehow, for this reason, Suzuki also on the method to introduce an entry-level cruiser and a consequence of this thinking they have launched “Suzuki Intruder 150” in the November of this year(2017) because the Avenger place. Suzuki has called it a “Modern Cruiser”. That one from Suzuki has built in the shape of “M1800”. Although, most of the right parts including the engine are obtained from the “Gixxer Series” More usage of synthetic is seen in the “Intruder 150” with the comparison of “Intruder M1800”. Let’s be clear about the features of this bike.

Popular Normal Bike on Suzuki

Samurai 150

Samurai 150

Latest Price: 149,950

Suzuki motorcycle manufacturers are experiencing a great time in Bangladesh. Already a lot of the latest models are introduced and recently they bring in another product in their lineup, namely Suzuki Samurai 150. This newly launched category which is a standard bike has all the charm to attract its users. It now is easier, but packed with excellent features. Moreover, the brand value of this bicycle makes it special inside the 150cc segment. It doesn’t have sports looks, but being a commuter that standard seems perfect. However, we have been not here to determine how the performance is, today we are likely to discuss based on what the performance will calculate, to be accurate this article is for supplying information about what features this bike has with it today. So, why don’t we waste any moment that further jumps into reality?

GSX Suzuki 125CC Bike


Latest Price: 141,950

We have to bring in Suzuki if we mention the favorite bike brand surrounding the planet. They are one of many bikes that are leading from Japan. No doubt, they introduced bikes that are sophisticated the year, in addition, they are still doing.

They have been mostly understood for sports category bikes, like the Suzuki GSX series. Therefore, they are offering a commuter that is a few bikes and one of many latest new products in the commuter portion is Suzuki GSX 125. Though Suzuki GSX 125 is a commuter that is a standard bike from Suzuki, as it holds the name of the popular GSX series people’s expectations had been more than Suzuki has given. This bike is holding the tagline of the legendary GSX-R series but it has nothing similar, in reality, the core features did match.

This bike is good to go with after its arrival the majority of us become disappointed though but as commuters. This bicycle comes with a lucrative design as a commuter with pleasing engine placement. Update features that are modern and exciting colmakeakes this bike complete as an aforommuter that is prepared to roll. Suzuki has tried to offer every necessary feature that the rider will need from a commuter that is 125cc. From below the relative lines, we will highlight those features for knowing this bicycle as much as we can.

Hayate Suzuki Bike

GSX Suzuki 125CC Bike

Latest Price: 105,950

Suzuki is a bike that is popular in Bangladesh and around the globe. Then Suzuki is going to be in the most truly effective three if the top three Japanese companies are mentioned in our country’s market. There are Suzuki bikes in remote aspects of Bangladesh starting from the Moto GP race track. Due to the CC limit of 165 cc within our country, many high ccs or more cc bikes cannot come. Meanwhile, the demand for bikes in the 100 to 125 segment is cc so high in our country. Demand for 100 to 125 cc bikes is high as a result of mileage which is the highly affordable price, user-friendly, etc.

Suzuki has come up with bikes ranging from 100 to 155 cc after reviewing the customer and market demand in Bangladesh. This Suzuki Hayate EP is a 110cc premium and design bike that is of interest. Suzuki first brought their Suzuki Hayate to market and gained an answer that is wide Suzuki brought Suzuki Hayate EP to provide customers with something new. The meaning that is full of is Eco Performance. We will know what features and advantages this Suzuki Hayate EP bike have today.


Here’s a bike listing this is certainly the finest in Bangladesh. Hope you find a perfect one. Then don’t forget to fairly share with us by commenting below if so. I like to read remarks!

Is Suzuki a good bike brand?

The ones which are best-rated are the Yamaha, Honda, additionally Kawasaki. Suzuki comes in fourth place. Since the design is electrical from the older models, Suzuki has since attained a greater reputation to make dependable motorcycles.

How much is just a Suzuki bike?

Suzuki bike’s cost in India starts at Rs 77,600 for Suzuki Access 125, which will be the model that is cheapest. The most Suzuki that is expensive two is Suzuki Hayabusa priced at Rs Rs 16.41 Lakh. The many models that are popular Suzuki include 2 Super, 3 Scooters, 4 Sports, 2 Adventure Tourer, and 1 Sports Naked.

Which nation made the Suzuki motorcycle?

History:1909, International Suzuki. Japan is made by a Suzuki bike. The company is reorganized, incorporated, and capitalized at ¥500,000 as Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co.

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