The 7 Best Bicycle Price in Bangladesh 2022

The best bicycle price in Bangladesh is perfect for you! The bicycles are safe to ride and you can enjoy your time without any intervention from anyone. You can use this product every day to get the best one-time experience in your life. It is available in different models and styles at different prices.

Especially, bicycles are becoming more popular day by day, so we can use a bicycle. Obviously, the bicycle is most beneficial to our bodies. The environment remains fresh by bicycle.

In the market of Bangladesh, you’ll be able to find a wide range of bicycles for various age groups and prices. The price of bicycles in the market varies according to their quality and design. Quality bicycles are always more expensive than that bad ones. In any case, a bicycle that is big in size and expensive will always be preferred by women who like to travel anywhere by bicycle.

Top 7 Best Bicycle Price In Bangladesh Reviews

Bicycle Price in Bangladesh is very cheap and enjoyable. At present, bicycles are called an essential part of the young generation. Also, the bicycle saves us a lot of time and keeps our bodies fit and mind. Bangladesh is one of the best leading bicycle manufacturer countries in the world.

The Top 7 Best Bicycle Prices in Bangladesh are Listed Below:

1. Duranta Bicycle

The duranta bicycle is one of the best brand names in Bangladesh. Duranta is made by Rangpur Metal Industries Limited, a sister concern of RFL Group. They are famous for their quality, well design and competitive prices. This is not only popular among the young generation but also a big favorite sportsman because of its high performance, quick delivery and affordable price.

Duranta CB Extreme Boys Bicycle 20″ X300 Green
Price: BDT 9,955

Duranta bicycle price in Bangladesh
Note: Last price update on 20 August 2022

2. Phoenix Bicycle

Phoenix is a China-based 28″ bicycle manufacturer that sells high-quality recreational bicycles at an affordable price. It focuses on bicycles and relevant industries for the last few decades and advocates green cycling for a healthy and trendy high-quality lifestyle. They always focus on improving design and application, which makes their products not only practical but also more stylish. The Phoenix brand is about to own the market and earn a high position in the world of bicycles.

Phoenix 26″ Metal Body 21 Speed Bicycle For Men
Price: BDT 18,527

Phoenix bicycle price in Bangladesh
Note: Last price update on 20 August 2022

3. Foxter Bicycle

Foxter Bicycles Shop is mainly selling bicycle brands. They offer sport, city, mountain and road bicycles at affordable rates. The company started its business in 2010 under the name “Foxter” and was renamed Foxter Bicycles Shop in 2012.

Price: BDT 27,500

Foxter bicycle in Bangladesh
Note: Last price update on 21 August 2022

4. Giant Bicycle

Giant is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturing company and the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer. Basically, it was founded in 1972 with a competition of technology and innovative design. Giant has exported its products to over 170 countries and has a reputation for quality products, durability, and reliable service from dealer outlets to local bicycle shops.

Giant SCR 1
Price: BDT 75,100

Giant bicycle in BD
Note: Last price update on 22 August 2022

5. Hero Bicycle

Hero bicycle is one of the most popular and known brands in India. It is one of the most famous Indian based manufacturers of bicycles. It was founded in 1956 by Pankaj M Munjal. The main manufacturing capacity is more than 7.5 million bicycles every year.

Hero 20″ Steel Body Sports Bicycle
Price: BDT 9,700

Hero bicycle
Note: Last price update on 20 August 2022

6. Veloce Bicycle

Veloce bicycle is one of the most recommended bicycles in Bangladesh. This bicycle is manufactured by Meghna Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh and the largest bicycle producing company in Bangladesh. This company has manufactured many brands like Almo and Piccolo, but now Veloce is the most popular brand. It is known as the best bicycle in Bangladesh due to its superior quality and durability, especially on rough terrain.

Veloce Legion 30 (Red-Black)
Price: BDT 21,500

Veloce bicycle picture
Note: Last price update on 20 August 2022

7. Smart Electric Bicycle

The electric bicycle is not only a transportation tool but also a great exercise. It’s small and lightweight, so you can fit it in your backpack and tote it around the city for long periods of time. This year, the smart electric bicycle has gained a lot of popularity in Bangladesh for its smooth and comfortable ride. The best part is, it has a rear shock absorber that can absorb any obstacles on your journey.

Smart Electric Fat Tyre Bicycle (Supreme)
Price: BDT 50,999.00

Smart Electric bicycle price in Bangladesh
Note: Last price update on 18 August 2022


Bangladesh society has become dependent on bicycles. Basically, the world has been changed by the bicycle.

It is good to know that bicycles are popular in Bangladesh. They help people travel from one place to another, from the countryside to the city, and vice versa, using the most environmentally friendly transportation available. There are many pros to using a bicycle for transportation, including less traffic congestion and quicker commute times.

Transportation by bicycle is convenient and easy. Currently, it has become the most popular means of transportation. Generally, it has its own advantages, no carbon footprint, smaller space, lightweight etc.

The whole generation depends on it. Basically, it is necessary for them, because people will get healthy by using it. While using bicycles, people can make the city clean.

Bicycles are largely used throughout the world due to their various kinds of benefits. In the world. bicycles are used by a huge percentage of people. It has changed the world for the better.

The Bicycle has changed the world. And while they are still used for entertainment, you’ll find them in museums and art galleries around the world. Whether you’re a tour guide or an artist, a bicycle is a viable option to fulfill your needs. Researching the different kinds of bicycles that are out there can help guide you on which one is right for you. Investigate what style will fit your budget and lifestyle, so you can use it to enjoy every moment of life!

Especially bicycle is increasing in popularity day by day. So we can use a bicycle. Obviously, it helps us with our body health.

So, many brands of bicycle price in Bangladesh are discussed here. Here you can choose any bicycle from this list.

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